Assorted Type of Display Advertisement

Advertisement is always a key differentiator in converting product sales; hence the marketing team always has to place great emphasis on the customer requirement and fantasies. A good advertisement takes care of size of branding, shape, color, working, impact of the wording to society, Government and surrounding, social and ethnic part of society or religious.

 Online advertiser has to keep in mind that unlike print ads online ads must get in customer to make impulse buying by proving smart choices and many choices as possible, since the advertisement and sales has not much difference in distance or medium all happens in same page.

Banner advertising in online  are mainly of graphic images or animated characters displayed with sentence or action quotes ,these banners can be in GIF or JPEG format ,these banners can be make more customer responsive by using  video or java scripts ,flash etc .Banner sizes are not limited by space since certain banners can be expanded by clicking on them.

Always bigger banners attract more customers do to visual standards but when I said banners are not limited to space but it does have to follow certain standards in shape and size ,which are normally measured in pixels.

Various Banner sizes in Google display networks are (468*60)/ (300*50) mainly for mobile/ (728*90)/ (200*200)/ (120P160)/ (336*280) and so on. It is mandatory that banner size should be 50k and all add needs to have an URL, even multiple URLs can be used. Some of the advertisement appear as pop ups with a closing box as a separate page itself.

One big dis advantage of pop Up advertisements are they stay in back ground and customers feels such ads as nuisance hence there are pop up blocking apps and software which prevent such adds.

Map advertisement are ads which pin point your business location in Google map or images giving direction to your client about your availability these is one important feature which need to be done by all business units which ranges from sales to service.

Floating advertisement are seen by us usually in news  and game website like moving banners they keep on  showing the messages or adds ,starting in one end and ending at the other ,customer do not find such adds as much of disturbance ,they can even be closed by the close button on the right hand end of the add.

Advertising is wallpaper ads which are purely add centric showing a single message; they won’t be having any click point or enlargements, but can be included with binocular icons and 3D effects.

Assorted Type of Display Advertisement

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