Digital marketers are always fascinated by demographical data, have you ever wondered “why is it so?, there is only one logical explanation to it in practical sense.  Statistics helps a digital marketer in reviewing latest customer adoption to a digital platform, help business firm s to analyse this data and bring better product or services and finally help marketers know their stand in the competition.

For my readers to understand ,to keep you guys updated on current trends in business we do upload  new blogs every week after analyzing various writers and listening to new concepts hence book mark as so that you do not miss any data.

10 Top sites for digital marketing statistics: these sites cover global statistics including UK, Asia pacific and Latin America.

  1. Global and country internet usage breakdown-international Telecoms union.

ITU in short is the source which provides the biggest sample size for top level tends and content usage, check .

  1. Global use of social media and devices-global web index, it is a paid service provider giving clients insights on the use of social pages by users based on countries and region .samples of their statistics can be seen in their blogs.
  2. For bench marking sites with a sector for source-similar web is a premium tool, this can be used to check the number of visitor in sites and mobile app usage. This site helps us to identify the traffic to individual sites in their free version and keyword search option available in their pro version.

Remaining statistics sites includes Comscore  their blogs are helpful, best would be to summarize their press release data.EU statistics site Eurostat give the overall data in digital technology in Europe. You can start looking from information society page.

UK source for consumer internet usage statistics or Ofcom can provide better data on digital medias including digital television and wireless services in UK.UK government office of national statistics is another alternative source. For US Pew internet statistics gives better data on how Americans usage of digital technology. and IAB research is another well-established data compilers for digital marketing, hence will be useful to online marketers.

I have not provided screen shots for any of these sites which you can directly take it from the links to sites I have provided.

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