Digital Marketing Objectives

Is an online advertising/digital marketing using the internet as a gateway of promoting individual , company ,product or platforms or anything which needs mass attention .medium can be hardware Such as computers or mobiles.

An advertisement can be in any form a Troller, Graphic images  or Characters  .we would have seen all these advertising  but without realizing it would have participated in the add viewing .general advertising can be through print media or through visual media .

Internet advertising is part of visual media involving customer interaction and feedback. Online add has more importance to print and channel ads since many strategic data can be collected through internet advertising like for example: customer age group, his preferences, his life style expectations etc. These collected data can be further used for improving customer satisfaction and production of new products.

Online advertisings are places in various sites based on the customer behavioral pattern and requirement. Major advantage of online advertising is it connectivity and reachability .these adds can be even placed in games ,since online advertisements can be tracked based on number of clicks and range of customers reached , effective decision making becomes easy.

digital marketing

Few key terms in online advertising /Digital marketing are  An ad-server -places the advertising in the website, Animated GIF ie, character or image support, online banners , conversion can be checked ,the cost of acquiring a new customer  through steps of desired action(CPA) cost per acquisition ,CPM-cost per mile ,CPC-cost per click, Google adverts helps in placing add =s in relevant customer check points or web pages, HTML ,pops up is another feature in internet adds which appears on top of the currently viewed window ,tracking codes-are attached to each adds or pages to track the user interaction.

An Digital marketing main objectives are :

1) Brand awareness(ultimate object in marketing any brand is  to increase sales hence better branded product get more attention and more off take hence brand awareness become s the key  long time achievement.

2) Creating advertising(for any product sales three needs three factors  first to inform the customer about the product, secondly to persuade the customers to use the product and thirdly to remind the customer again and again till he coverts to buy the product.)

3) Satisfying demand(when ever there is demand  ,a product get can be launched but sales only happens when we convince the customer on the “satisfaction of their demand part” or when we advertise a brand ,how that brand could add value to them and reduce their burden.

4) Sales(after satisfaction  next step is the availability of product)

5) Directive response(once customer has used the product his response or feed back to the product act as the factor deciding the win or loose situation)

Fascinating objectives of Digital Marketing and Advertising

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