Maximum Share holder in Digital Marketing -“Content Marketing“

Content Marketing

By the year end of 2016 we will find the global user for internet will surpass 3 billion ,the amazing factor is 755 of the internet users are from the developing countries  as per current statistics the number is expected to double the user base in these countries every 5 year tenure ,this can we understood from the data in 2009 were number of users were 974 million which became 1.9 billion in 2014 and expects that  by 2019 developing countries internet user count  will becomes 4 billion though all these are speculation and in a way foreseen future. In my earlier blogs I have mentioned the rising demand for smart phone which is substantiated by the data showing 30% of the web visits are from mobile now .

All these major  equipment of technology needs  content marketing and lets understand what that is,it is a strategic marketing  focused on distributing valuable ,informative and effective  contents to attract customer or consistent content to attract and retain a well defined audience ,thereby  to drive profitable customer  conversions.

When we use must understand the importance of content marketing and at the same time what customer do to avoid the advertising  for example people have switched to DVD  just to avoid the uninterrupted entertainment  and have ignored even magazine advertisement  and have become more glued to the online surfing since these are available very easily.

Content marketing main purpose to attract and retain customers by maintaining the customer curiosity, A good content will be able to  enhance customer behavior towards a product ,belief or service  ,basically speaking content marketing is the art  of communicating with the customer. Content marketing is based on the understanding that if we are able to provide continuous  feed back  and intelligence  ie, if we are educating the customer then definitely there is a 98% chance that the product sales happen .Either the person himself buys or advice others to buy the product or service both ways it is a win situation for Producer hence all multinational companies to small producers take the help of good content writers to express their product or services to the customer.

Maximum Share holder in Digital Marketing -“Content Marketing“

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