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Social Media Marketing

What is social media is in itself a debatable topic seeing the customer requirement and variance in fantasy .Here I will discuss about social media marketing which is a sort after topic. social media marketing is not a brain storming topic but a creative marketing by  routing in to the customer curiosity  and  trading on re-marketing.

In most of social media sites you will see two  buttons – like, share  and join . General  action expected from customer is like and share a page ,this a function of creating traffic in sites .social media is used to market a product or services  and all these media platform has analytics built in to track the customer clicks , these analytics help to identify the progress ,success of an advertisement in social site .if you notice carefully these social sites has  adds running in them continuously strategically place to grab customer attention without creating customer dislike .social media sites act as a e-word of mouth sites sharing and creating a bonding between companies and customer/communities online.

Virtual communities has the behavior of  using their right to speech and profess more in these social websites since it gives them a sense of invisibility blank, here they try to express their values , customs and all what possible since they get undivided attention from various individuals .marketers use these data in bringing new customer revelation and changes to product .

Since all the clicks  add to the revenue sharing  model ,the likes and shares in  social marketing add as back-link to targeted pages showing content with more back-links, these social websites allow  business organizations to have their own webpages and share events ,pictures in those pages. social websites like facebook ,twitter etc use  the  COBRA(Consumers online brand related activities and eWOM(electronic word of mouth to advertise in internet.

Social media marketing involves re-marketing ,for example if you searched for a Wacom product Wacom graphic drawer  in and after search you left the idea for buying that product at that point of time but re-marketing is done by social websites were you will see the adds of same product appearing on you social website page, re- emphasizing  you to buy the product.


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