Video marketing Trends and Techniques in 2017

Video Marketing

Video industry is another industry of surprise which change accordingly with market and technology, since competition is in its most in this market, which brings in the more sophisticated idea beautifully, both humor and content oriented to customers eyes takes the trophy.

Online video  business has a faster pace to cover compared to website designs ,when it come s to videos it is about user engagement or span of attention .it is an amazing truth to know that around 20%of  views for videos’ are through mobile and in that 77% of tablet users use video program at least once a month ,market experts speculate that the in near future it will be 87% ie: by 2018.most of us won’t believe the reality that there is around 149million tablet users   one way of analyzing this data is by saying more than 70%  of video’s will be watched in tablet by the year 2018.

Since the future is about technology, adopting marketing automation is the best practice for all major marketing companies  ,the best proof is seeing the top performing companies in marketing  were 58% have gone for automation and near future is about a 80% automation to make up for the loses in labor and professional  superiority of their competitor.

Since all these video marketing is about driving sales and improving monetary  benefits for producers ,now days lot of importance are given to data analytics and customer information ,presently is possible to track the customer views hence  possible to understand the mass viewers and target audience.

In 2014 ,64% of internet traffic was due to videos and this number is expected to be 80% in 2019,crayon state of video report 2015 shows 79% video in website are through third party hosting ,another interesting factor is the fund set for advertising or budget of companies 50%is used for digital videos.

VOD (view on demand) for videos is increasing from customers and marketers expect this number to double. All the present videos does this much introduce themselves, spread their message, promote ,increase the reach of message, boost the traffic and explain the services ,best predictions shows the  online videos will account for 69% in 2017 compared to 64%in 2014. Since online video is a much bigger discussion forum I will continue my blog this and various giants in this fields..


Video marketing Trends and Techniques in 2017

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